Do I Have to File a Tax Return?

This is a question many taxpayers ask during this time of year, and the question is far more complicated than people believe. To fully understand, we need to consider that there are times when individuals are REQUIRED to file a tax return, and…
Tax Scams

Along with Tax Season Come the Scams; Don’t Be a Victim

One thing we can count on when tax season begins is the scammers coming out from under their rocks with schemes to try and trick you so they can steal your ID and file returns under your Social Security number (SSN). Or, they may even email…
Quickbooks Services

Use Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Save time and ensure that repeating transactions are processed as scheduled. You know how much time QuickBooks Online already saves you. Customer, vendor, and item records need never be entered again once they’re created for the first time.…
Business Plan

10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Team When Starting Up

Starting up your business is an exciting time, but it is also a time with many questions. While it may seem initially very easy to create a product, open a store, and start selling, the financial aspects of being successful are a bit more challenging.…
Business Vehicle
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Better to Sell or Trade a Business Vehicle?

As the end of the year approaches, business owners may be thinking about replacing a business vehicle – profits from the business may be up, so the timing may be right to acquire a new vehicle, or the current vehicle may finally be on its…
Real Estate Flipper

Thinking of Becoming a Real Estate Flipper? Here’s a Primer on the Tax Rules

With mortgage interest rates low and home prices finally making a comeback, flipping real estate appears to be on the rise. This activity is even the theme of several popular reality TV shows. House flipping is, essentially, purchasing a house…
Single Family

Tax Benefits for Single Parents

If you are a single parent dealing with the complicated tasks of working and raising a family, there are some tax benefits and issues you should be aware of. Filing Status – Just because you are single or widowed does not mean you have…

Dodging Tax Penalties

Most taxpayers don’t intentionally incur tax penalties, but many who are penalized are simply not aware of the penalties or the impact they can have on their wallet. As tax season approaches, let’s look at some of the more commonly encountered…

How to Check Your Credit Report for Evidence of Identity Theft

Imagine finding the home of your dreams. It's the perfect location, the perfect style, even the perfect price. Excitedly, you start the loan application process. You know this part of the process will be easy since you've always paid your bills…