Smart Hiring Check List

Your business’s assets aren’t just the financial and physical objects owned by the company. In fact, the most important business assets the company possesses are the employees hired to get business done. The hiring process should include both pre-employment screening and post employment document collection. Obviously, pre-employment practices mean the best candidates are hired which will improve job retention within your company. Post-employment forms will keep your business in compliance with State and Federal employment laws. Your business can’t afford to hire casually particularly with regard to the State and Federal forms which must be signed and filed. Many times businesses are only concerned to have the required forms in place during tax time. It goes without saying that a systematic method of hiring will eliminate many headaches down the line.

Application for Employment

Substance Abuse Policy and Procedure Manual

Notification Form of Intent to Run Credit Report /Background Check

Consent form to Authorize Credit Report/Criminal Background Investigation

Employee Reference Verification Form

Federal Employement I-9 Eligibility To Work Verification Form

IRS Witholding Allowance Certificate W-4

State Witholding Allowance Certificate

IRS Wage and Tax Statement Form W-2

State New Hire Reporting Form

Onboarding Procedure Checklist

Confidentiality Form

Non-Compete Agreement

Signed Contractual Agreements

Reciept of Keys/ Access Cards Acknowlegement Form

Employee Manual